How To Get Your Dream Décor For Your Next Event On A Budget

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Are you looking for ways to save money on your event planning, worry less, and still get your dream décor on a budget? If you are, you’ve come to the right place. At OMG DECOR, we specialize in a variety of décor categories and know exactly where you can cut costs on your event’s décor.

To help you keep your expenses within your budget, we have listed a few tips

Know your vision
One of the best ways to prevent overspending on décor is to figure out what you want for your occasion. Based on your theme, you can look for different items that are within your budget and avoid purchasing things that you do not need.

Consider your decorator’s opinions
Be willing to take advice from your decorators. They are professionals who have planned events before and know where you can save more money.

Be realistic
Be reasonable with your demands. If you plan to save money, you cannot be too extravagant with your décor. Instead, review your ideas with your decorators to understand what is doable within your budget.

Work with your decorator
Try to work together with your decorator to create something beautiful. Do not shoot them down on every suggestion without taking the time to envision the setups they suggest.

Express yourself
To avoid redoing things, attempt to express and share your opinion with your decorators. Tell them what you like in advance and make sure you are involved in the decision making at every stage.

Don’t micromanage
You may feel like your reputation is at stake if you don’t look into every detail, but if you do this, you won’t get far. Instead of micromanaging, try to be more liberal so that you can enjoy the process of decorating and eventually feel more happy with the final product.

Try to compromise on centerpieces
If you can try to avoid them, or look for cheaper alternatives. Ask your decorators for suggestions or look for DIY options that you can try out.

Keep the backdrop or stage simple
This will reduce your expenditure and allow you to be creative with your décor. However, remember to consult with your decorators to avoid any mishaps.

Be open to change
Keep an open mind, and be open to suggestions from your decorators. Be willing to change your vision a bit to accommodate your budget and ensure you cover all your requirements efficiently.

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